There are many ways to prepare for meditation. Meditation is the only way to discover your own self and the creator. Meditation is not concentration alone. There is a scientific way of meditating and once you know the science, the mysteries reveal themselves to you and your journey to divinity begins.


You may be known by name but your actual name is I. Whenever you talk about yourself, you use nothing but I. Names are given to people to establish their identity for others and that too for a limited number of people. While naming your son as Michael or John you do not bother to find out if there are other Michaels or Johns in the world. What you care for is that there should not be a Michael or John amongst your close relations. This, too, you do to avoid any possible confusion. The child, all through his life speaks in the first person with I indicating his identity.

Have you ever given a thought to, what or who this I is? Is it the physical body which is bound to perish with the passage of time or something invisible within, which is immortal? If you take this physical body to be the I, then have you ever bothered to know as to what force is keeping this compound of five elements alive? What is that with whose exit the physical body falls? You normally believe that a body is dead when the soul goes out.

Have you ever tried to find out what soul is, how it looks like, in which part of the body it resides, how it enters the body and how and why it abandons the body?

Soul is the spirit. It is not a physical part of human body and hence is invisible. To know about this invisible divine element is Spiritualism.

Spiritualism is not metaphysics. It is physics. Spiritualism is nothing but the science of the spirit. The basic difference between science and fiction is that in science two and two make only four whereas in fiction these may make three, five or even seven. It is not necessary for a fiction-writer to prove his assertions but a scientist has no escape from providing them. Therefore, a spiritual guide is the one who knows the science of the spirit and is competent enough to prove it to others.

God created this universe to have a glimpse of his own self. This means that each and everything in this universe owes its existence to the essence of the divine lodged in it. For instance, He created man, man lives as long as the divine part, that is, the soul is in his body. The moment the soul leaves, the body turns in to a dead body. Similar is the position of other living or non-living things.

It is the part of the cosmic design that all parts of him, that is, all the souls will go back to him one day. That day has been named as Doomsday, Qayamat, Mahapralaya etc., by different religious scriptures. This is the day when god will suck the whole thing back and that shall be the end of the universe. All souls will go back to him. Till then, that is, till the Doomsday dawns, every soul, according to its actions performed, keeps on changing physical bodies and the process of life and death goes on endlessly.

Since physical body is nothing but matter, it grows and decays with time and has a limited life- span. The soul within has no option but to leave one habitable home and get into another one to reside. This cycle of death and birth is regulated through one’s actions alone.

The creator of the universe made his creation extremely beautiful, charming and fascinating so that the souls, the departed parts of his own self, do not bear the pangs of separation for long. But he left it open to the souls, who feel extremely uncomfortable with the temptations of the world and are unable to bear the separation, to go back to him by clearing their account of actions(Karmas)and by following the path of meditation.

The path along which a soul marches towards him is known as Sahaja Marga(Easy path)and it stretches from a human body to infinite; covering the land, the sky, the abode of dead souls(Mritaloka),and the abode of freed souls(Siddhaloka).The important landmarks on this way are:
1. The Vaitarani River and the black tunnel which divide the sky and the Mritaloka.
2. Areas of colour, smell and touch and the suns. The moons, the other planets and the stars in the Siddhaloka.
3. Mansarovara at the end of the cosmos. Across the cosmos is His abode called Bramhaloka which is the ultimate destination of all the seeking souls. Here the soul discovers its point of origin and becomes what it was prior to its separation from Him.

First of all you have to take a final decision as to whether you want to wait for the Doomsday, which may take millions and millions of years to dawn and continue in the cycle of birth and death or wish to adopt a shortcut and get out of the cycle of birth and death. If you choose the first, you should stop reading this. There is no use wasting time on knowing the topography of a village which you don’t want to visit. You are welcome to keep on taking birth and dying to be reborn. If your choice is to remain confined to a mother’s dirty womb every now and then and to lie on a burning pyre or be buried in dust, life after life, you should not think of meditation. But if you choose to get out of this process of death and birth, then you must know the right way to salvation. Onwards, I would be addressing the readers presumably determined to seek salvation alone.

The moment you make salvation your first priority, your meditative activity must start immediately. The real meditation cannot start until the prerequisites are fulfilled; but remembering Him, in any manner, must start immediately so that the mundane allurements finally stop catching your eye.

For real meditation, the foremost requirement is to awaken your own inherent energy. For this you need some charged words, the repeated recitation of which shall arouse your own energy. You have to pick up some charged words, preferably a mantra(Hymn).For instance you can pick up the famous Gayatri Mantra-


The composer of this Hymn, Sage Vishwamitra, charged these words some four thousand years ago and the charging has not diminished till date.

The method of producing energy through a Hymn is that you should sit cross-legged on the floor and silently pray to God that he may grant you success in your mission. After that you should close your eyes and Recite the Gayatri Mantra. After every recitation, open your eyes and look down on your body. The science of the method is that each recitation produces cosmic vibrations on your lips. Some of these vibrations are taken in by you through your breathing. The rest is thrown on your body through the light falling from your eyes.

To add solar energy to the vibrations, it is advisable to do this recitation any time between sunrise and mid-day.

The energy thus absorbed remains active in your body for not more than 24 hours. So, it is advisable to repeat the sitting within the next 24 hours so that the process of arousing your own energy does not get depleted. Once you are able to arouse your own aerial energy, you need a Guru. it is impossible to achieve salvation without the help of a Guru. Because no human body can produce such energy as required for the soul to take a flight out-of-the body. It is possible only when the guru adds his own energy to that of yours. Till you are able to find a Guru, continue with the recitation of Gayatri Mantra so that whenever you find him, you are at least eligible for initiation.

Searching for a Guru is not an easy task. Many self-styled Gurus have commercialized spiritualism and are running their shops by exploiting your genuine urge. I would advise you to have patience. Be sure that nature itself will provide you a true Guru. Keep searching. Keep preparing yourself for complete surrender when nature takes you to the real Guru. Take it from me that a Guru is the one who will not look like a Guru of your perceptions. The real Guru will have no pretensions, no tall claims, no artificialities.

Here I would advise you to ask yourself one question – why should I get a Guru? Answer this question to yourself. If you are sure that your commitment is absolutely firm, if you are sure that you have fully prepared yourself for surrendering, if you are sure that your physical body is fully charged with cosmic energy, if you are sure of your single minded devotion and dedication, I would advice you to sit back and relax. Meeting with Guru is in the offing and any moment you will find yourself at his feet.

Onwards it is the divine duty of the Guru to take care of you, to guide you, to assist you in achieving the supreme goal of your life.

This all is written by Dr. Naresh. He has made the right path for all the people to reach their destination.

Dr. Naresh is a celebrated poet and a thinker. He has penned 70 books in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. He is a former professor of modern Literature at Punjabi University, Chandigarh, Chairman of Chandigarh Sahitya Academy and a recipient of 25 state, National and International awards. Dr. Naresh is devoted to the mission of spreading spiritualism. He believes that spiritual elevation is the only way to save the degenerating human society.